Small businesses

No matter what the size of your organisation, we will always adopt the same thorough process to safeguard your business. We will sit down and discuss your company’s requirements with whoever we need to. We’ll inform you about any common pitfalls relating to insurance in your sector and put forward innovative, but cost-effective solutions to give you peace of mind.

  • Landlords Insurance - A standard Home Insurance policy is not designed for the needs of a landlord. Landlord insurance protects your building, its furnishings or decorations and the safety of the tenants living in your property.
  • Shop – Insurance cover for high street shops and large retail outlets
  • Tradesman - Insurance comes in many forms; Employer’s Liability, Public Liability Products Liability.  Our Tradesman Insurance can cover your business liabilities, your tools and much more.
  • Van - We can find a cover tailored to your specific needs so that even when your van is out of action your business can still thrive.
  • Taxi - Our Taxi Insurance offers an innovative solution to the problem of paying your annual premiums by offering a weekly, monthly or quarterly payment plan making the costs of running a business more manageable. 
  • Event Insurance – Insurance for adverse weather, marquees, the staff, guest speakers, photographers, guests, food...and much more!
  • Professional Indemnity - Protecting you and your business for professional negligence and the financial losses of your clients as a result.
  • Office Insurance and Offices at Home -  Insurance cover for computers, client data, specialist equipment and of course your most important asset, your employees.

The above are brief descriptions and/or summaries of cover for these products. Full product terms and conditions are available on request.
To access this information please contact us on the numbers above.